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Below are the answers to few questions that we are often asked...

Q. What happens if it rains when my appointment is booked

A. Weather is the biggest problem with our job. There are limited things you can do in the rain depening on the car and how heavy the rain is. The outside of the car can be washed in pretty much any weather but we still leave it up to the customer to decide whether they want it done in the weather. Interiors are near immpossible in the rain. as soon as you open the door the rain pours in. So in this case we would definately ask to resquedule for another suitable time. We always advise customers to resquedule if the weather is bad, simply because we dont think its fair that you dont see the full potential of our work. If the weather is bad prior to your appointment we will always call before we come. Alternatively you can always call us if you are unsure

Q. Can i cancel an appointment?

A. We understand other things come up and sometimes you may need to rebook your valet. We do not penalise any of our customers for this. All we ask is for at least 3 hours notice if it ispossible so we can refill your appointment with another customer. If on the other hand we arrive at a job and nobody is in, we may have to charge a small fee for travelling costs if the customer does not let us know in advance.

Q. Do you work all year?

A. Yes. our working days are slightly shorter in the winter due to light but this only reduces our working day by around 2 hours.

Q. Do i have to clear all my belongings out of my car before you come?

A. Its entirely up to you. If you clear the door pockets etc out then we will clean inside them, We always advise that if you're having a full valet to clear as much of your belongings out of the car to get a full thorough valet.

Q. Is there a reduction if i have 2 cars done at the same time?

A. As a general rule, we keep our prices as low as we possibly can so its hard to offer further reductions. If however there is 5 or more cars at one place (a days work) then we can often do some good deals.

Q. How many vehicles can you do in a day?

A. It depends on what vehicles, thelevel of valet and the time of year. As a rough guide we can normally do around 7 mini valets a day, 10 exterior valets, or 3 Full Valets.

Q. What is the waiting time for a valet?

A. Again it depends on how busy we are. As a rough idea, we are normally booking 3-5 days ahead.

Q. Do you do a same day service?

A. It is very rare that we can fit you in on the same day you call. By all means give us a call if you are desperate as we do have a cancellation list each day and we will do all we can to fit you in.

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