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Updated 20/11/2011

Keen 2 Kleen has a new van....

We have just acquired a new van. See the new photo below....


Updated 03/03/2011

New Car for sale!

We are very excited to be offering a BMW mini one in the next week, with a very high spec including stunning yellow paintwork, double sunroof, air con, climate, asr and much more. Its going on sale very soon for under £4000. Call or email us to view and reserve the car.


Updated 20/02/2011


After hours of sitting looking at a computer screen, our brand new website has finally been launched. We are still finding a few teething problems so if you get any funny messages or strange actions please just bear with us for a few days. Your opinions on the new site are much appreciated so please send us an email and tell us what you think...