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Special Offers

We offer a range of Incentives to offer discounts to our customers as a way of saying thanks for your support.

Refer a Friend

The title says it all, refer a friend, family neighbour or anyone and receive £5.00 off your next valet, whatever valet it may be. As long as you tell them to notify us when we valet their car, we will note it down and next time we valet your car you get a £5.00 reduction, whether the referral becomes a regular customer or just a one off you still get your money off, that's one easy way of getting money off! The terms and conditions are easy, you only get your reduction after we valet your referral's vehicle. Apart from that there are really no hidden extra's, just make sure you tell them to mention your name when we valet their car.

Book 2 Valets and get money off your 3rd

Again, the title says it all. Another easy way for you to get money off your valet. If you Book 2 Valets with Keen 2 Kleen, whatever level of valet they may be, when you book your 3rd you get £5.00 off. The 3 Valets have to be booked at the same time, for example in 2 week intervals, a week intervals, whatever suits you. This incentive helps us so we can book ahead so this is why we offer the incentive and saving to you, by you booking ahead, and becoming what we refer to as a regular and valued customer, you save yourself a nice and easy fiver, which you can go spend on whatever you wish. To be honest, people use this offer without even knowing it, people book for their next 3 valets at once and they are surprised when they are under charged for their 3rd, not realizing the offer. There's nothing like being organised, so why not book 3 valets and save yourself some cash.

Earn a free valet! - You help us and we help you!

This valet is mainly for big company contracts. Its very simple, if you ring us from a business and book in 10 standard and wax valets at £30.00 to different cars all at the same time (2 days work) then as a way of saying thanks to the boss for getting us all the work at the business we will then valet his or her car with a standard and wax valet completly free. it doesn't have to just be the boss, if an employee can get us 10 standard and wax valets's then we will do theirs for free, whoever is responsible for getting us all the work will be the one who gets the free valet, a nice and easy way of getting your car done for nothing, just spread out name out to your mates and get them to book in all at once.

Book a valet via our new website

Book a valet via our new booking system on our website and we'll give you a £5.00 voucher off your 2nd valet with us. We cant make it any easier for you than that!

This page is updated with new offers regulary so please check back soon.