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About Us

Keen 2 Kleen was founded in mid 2005 by Aaron Lee at the age of just 18. It was a childhood ambition of his to establish and operate a business of his own. He bought himself a small van, kitted it out with the basic car cleaning tools and got to work. Business was tough for the first few months but as more people saw the distictive signwritten van working around town the more bookings come in and with word of mouth from satisfied clients spreading fast the business was booming by the time the first year has ended. As more tools and equipment were added the less room there was in the van so after just 18 months of trading a new, bigger van was bought, fully fitted out with all the top of the range equipment for the job. 2 years on from this the business took another big step up the ladder by purchasing an industrial unit. This gives customers the option to leave their car with us if it suits them.

Our aim from the beginning was to be the best at what we do, be reliable and always provide a professional service to ALL of our customers. With all our work now coming from recommendations from satisfied clients we can proudly say we have acheived our aims.


We always aim to keep our prices as low as possible as we know how tough times are at the moment and every penny counts. Our prices are very competitive and our services can be very flexible to find a service to suit your budget.

We offer a range of different services and cover all aspects of the valeting trade. We can do one off Full Valets, Mini Valet's, Machine Polishing, Odour Removal, Clay Bar Detailing, Paint Protection, Fabric Protection as well as a whole host of other things.

All the products we use are from reputable companys and all our designed for the job we are doing. We dont use any "cheap and nasty" chemicals which risk damaging your car. The pre-spay detergent used in roadside car wash's is a great example of such products, its a very powerful traffic film remover which is very strong and does a great job at removing dirt, what people dont realise is its also taking off all your protective wax and exposing your paintwork to harmful uv rays and traffic film. We refuse to use such chemicals.

We have the most advanced set up available in our trade, our ford transit van carries a water tank on board with 400 litres of water keeping us going for a days work. We carry a powerful generator to power all our appliances, which included a 3000 watts tri motor cylinder vacuum cleaner, a professional numatic carpet shampoo cleaner, as well as a rotary polisher, air compressor, aromatek odour machine and petrol power washer. We also run a hot water system in the van for the winter months. We can Valet a car anywhere! If you want us to come to your workplace, your relatives, friends or anywhere, wherever suits you, we come to you. Its all included in the price you pay with no v.a.t or hidden charges, the price you see is the price you pay. It's all so much easier for you, we do the hard work for you.

Over 80% of our work is regular clients that make up our regular "round" of jobs. Our regular clients book their valets for different frequencies to suit their needs, some of our clients have their vehicles done every week, whilst some book up on a 3 monthly basis.


Our Hours of business are not specific, we work around our customers, in a normal day we normally work from 7.30am in the morning, and can work right through to 7.30pm in the summer months, and in the winter we tend to finish a bit earlier due to the lack of light and the dampness in the air, We work Saturday mornings as well between the hours of 7.30 - 1pm.